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A Different Kind of Etching

I work primarily in Aquatint, an etching technique used to produce areas of tone or shadow rather than lines. The result is an image alive with a fluid range of values. Many of the images are enhanced with the printmaking technique of chin collee. Thin rice paper is mounted between the plate and the main paper, and when passed through the press, the two become one. The print gains added color and texture.

I recently retired from a thirty year teaching career, mostly at Brooklyn Technical High. Currently I am printing out of Shoe String Press in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and at Brooklyn College. I was an active member of the Manhattan Graphics center for twelve years, and the Blackburn Print Shop before then. My work is represented by the Old Print Shop on Lexington Ave. in Manhattan. You can purchase work there or get in touch with me directly on this site via phone or email.

Beach and Sailing Scenes

See Gallery of Beach scenes: Click Here

My love of the beach, the sea, and sailing is also described in several editions. My inspiration was nurtured by timeless afternoons at the beach as I grew up on the south shore of Long Island. Later, as a young adult in Boston, I discovered the pleasures of sailing at the Charles River Basin, and also became enchanted by the New England coastline from Maine to Martha’s Vineyard. For the last 15 years, I’ve been a member of Miramar Yacht Club, sailing out of Sheepshead Bay, around the Rockaway Inlets, and off Coney Island.

City Scenes

City Scenes Click Here

My work tries to authentically depict the pageant of life through the cycle of seasons (in Brooklyn where I reside). My neighbors walk, scurry, sit, play, chat and flirt among the ubiquitous brownstones and parks of this unique urban village. When portraying a spring afternoon in Prospect Park, a hectic commute on a rainy autumn day or the quietude of a snow-filled winter landscape, the gestures and movements of the figures in my work reveal the universal joy and struggle of my fellow city dwellers.

Park Scenes

Park Scenes https://lubellart.com/park-scenes-2/

See scenes surrounding Prospect Park in Brooklyn. City dwellers relax while strolling the verdant landscape, walking their dogs, lying out with their lovers, or recreating.

Caribbean Scenes

Caribbean Scenes Click Here

I have been traveling to the Caribbean since the mid 1980s, and visiting Jamaica with my wife, Selena, for the past 25 years. These images capture the lives and habitats of these humble and hard working people.

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